Las Vegas Themed Photo Shoots

Conceptual Themes You Should Consider For Your Photography

Decades of photography have resulted in recognizable themes. These conceptual themes can be recreated any number of ways and still carry with it the significance and meaning that may not at first be apparent. Adding additional depth to a photograph, understanding these conceptual themes and working them into you photography is a great skill to have. With that in mind, lets take a moment to review some common conceptual themes in Las Vegas that are as recognizable as they are reproducible.

1. The Concept Of Being Trapped

A popular image is one that conveys being trapped. The emphasis in the visual image is of a person or thing clearly restrained in some way. The implications of such a shot can reflect feeling not only physically trapped, but emotionally or psychologically as well. It plays on an internal need for freedom and self determination while making visible in a visual sense the challenges that we may feel to get to such a point. Because of this, it is easy for viewers to insert themselves into the photo and more easily relate to it.

2. Standing Out

‘Standing out’ photos are those where a single element of the image creates a stark contrast between itself and the rest of the photo. Black sheep in a field of white sheep, a note of vibrant color in a dulled out backdrop, or any situation where a single visual thing stands out is perfect for this type of photo. In addition, you can work to have the contrast be indirect, and play more on emotions. Finally, the standing out style of photos create amazing contrasts that are unified by any form of symmetry in the image format. An excellent example is the yin-yang symbols where the dots stand out yet are harmonized in the unity of the image.

3. The Decision

Sometimes in life we have to decide between two different courses of action without knowing which one is best. Causing stress, uncertainty, potential, or limited choices, the decision photo encapsulates these emotions through the elements you choose to focus on. The juxtaposition between various elements can help the photo come to life, explaining in greater detail visually the context with the decision at hand. Popular examples are of an individual from behind standing at a fork along a path or an individual holding two different objects in their hand. No matter what way you structure it, the decision is a good photo theme because lends itself well to interpretation.

4. The Jump

A popular photo request at Las Vegas Photographers is to request a jumping photo. An otherwise still shot, the jump is a theme where a single aspect of the image is clearly in movement. Captured and still only for the split second when the photo was taken, the jump lends itself well to interpretation on the part of the observer. Whether the task is in figuring out what is really going on in the photo or simply cringing with the knowledge of what is about to happen, the jump is an excellent way to engage people with the subject matter at hand.